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How Much is it going to cost me to get an sr22?

The SR22 insurance cost may be as low as $25. However, that’s not the only concern you are faced with. When you file for an SR22, you have to pay higher insurance quotes. It all depends on the insurance company, the state your in, as well as the type of traffic infraction you received. 

What are the steps to obtaining an SR22?

You will want to find an insurance company, determine the minimum liability coverage you will need for the SR22, submit it to the DMV and then wait for confirmation from the DMV. 

How Do I get an sr22 if I dont have any insurance?

If you don’t have insurance and need an Florida SR22, you need to find an insurer. Make sure you search for insurance companies that offer SR22 insurance since this service is not universal. 

What if i don't own a vehicle?

To get a non-owners SR22 policy, you should get in touch with an insurance company that deals with high-risk plans. Although you can buy the policy online, it’s better to talk to an insurance agent to get more information about your plan. 


Along with getting your license legal, the SR22 insurance policy also helps you stay on the safe side. For instance, if you’re driving a family member’s car and get into an accident, the policy will help you pay for some of the damages. 

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SR22 Insurance Florida

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